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    Case Studies

    case studies

    Shahida Begum, A Women who struggles and survives against destructive river erosion

    Bangladesh is known as the ‘land of rivers’ and major rivers that flow through Bangladesh are Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna with a complex network of 230 rivers including 57 international trans-boundary rivers. Due to its geographical Location, Bangladesh is most vulnerable to several natural disasters. Every year natural climates upset people’s lives in some part of the country. ……

    case studies

    Untold Story of a Confident Women, who always struggles for Secured and Happier Life

    Jamalpur district lies on the bank of the most treacherous river Brahmaputra. Due to its adverse weather and geographical condition, it is an area of perennial floods and every year some parts of the Jamalpur district is flooded. Some parts of this district are more vulnerable than others due to their geographical location……

    case studies

    LakiAkter;Survival Strategies of a Pioneer Women against Hazardous Flood and Riverbank Erosion

    Flood and Riverbank Erosion is the common natural hazardsof Bangladesh. Every year, huge portion of people are seriously affected by riverbank erosion that destroys standing crops, farmland and homestead land. It is estimated that about 5% of the total floodplain of Bangladesh is directly affected by riverbank erosion. ……