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  • An organization for children, environment and development

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    Programming Approach

    As JJS visions for a confident, total responsive and equitable society; it sets its development approach in rights mode. JJS expect such a poverty free environment, where all the citizens of Bangladesh can exercise their essential human, social, economical, political, civic and environmental rights to enjoy a dignified life. The Rights Base Approach (RBA) builds on the development perception of JJS over a decade. JJS believes that, rights are moral and legal entitlements. They are driven by our societal values, norms and ethics and also guaranteed by the constitution- the supreme law of the country and other associated policies, international conventions and accords. These are the entitlement of people and bound upon state, different social institutions and international community. JJS perceive poverty as a state, resulted from lack of people’s access to public resources, services, institutions to which they are entitled and caused through systematic denial and violation of rights by regional, national and international actors.

    Thematically its development model is holistic and generally covers the local agenda like primary education, health, agriculture, environment, water-sanitation, HIV/ AIDS, livelihood and disaster. Gender, child rights, support to disables –these are also the cross cutting issues in this holistic model.