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    Current Projects

    SLProjects NameDonorWork NatureTime PeriodLocation (Upazila & District)Budget
     01Strengthening children’s voice and leadership in addressing climate change and disaster risk in BangladeshKindernothilfe (KNH) and BMZIncreasing Child Participation in Climate Change Issues1 January, 2024 to 31 December, 2026Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira District covering 10 Upazila and Khulna City Corporation76,487,611
     02Trans Path: Water Transformation Pathways for Inland Water Navigation in the Brahmaputra BasinIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati  Inland Navigation Trans boundary Issues1 November, 2023-31 October, 2026Jamalpur and Kurigram3295389.00
     03Enhancing Resilience for Coastal CommunitiesKOICAClimate Change Resilience1 January, 2024 to 31 December-2026Dacope, Koyra124202039
     04Building Water and Sanitation Entre preneurship ProgramMax FoundationCreating water Access in the area1 July, 2022 to September, 20258 Union of Rupas and Batighata upazila under Khulna District2,33,84,548
     05Capacity Building of Children and Community for Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse and Drug AddictionKindernothilfe (KNH)Advocacy, awareness raising, capacity building of children, parents, teachers and relevant stakeholders01 April 2021 – 31 March 202616 Wards in Khulna city, Noihati Union Under Rupsa Upazila and Ajogara Union under Terokhada Upazila45,675,312.00
     06Strengthening Resilience, Response and Recovery Capacity– a community led initiative of Climate Migrants and Covid 19 Affected Slum Dwellers in Khulna cityHabitat for Humanity International – BangladeshResilience of slum dwellers in Khulna city who are migrated due to the impacts of climate change and severely affected by COVID 19 consequences is strengthened.September, 2022-August, 2024Khulna City40,601,217
     07Financial support for Economic DevelopmentOwn FundStregnthening Livelihood and organizing the community group for women empowermentContinuousKhulna & Bagerhat District7673570,00
     08Support for Families with Disable Persons in Sharankhola ProjectOwn FundDisability IssuesJuly 2023 to June 2024  Sharankhola Upazila247210.00
     09Advocacy-based Action towards the Sustainability of the Sundarbans Reserve ForestOwn FundSundarban ConservationJuly 2023 to June 2024Sharankhola Upazila247210.00