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    Workshop on drinking water supply in Peri-urban areas using simulation method

    On 27th and 28th march 2018, JJS and Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands jointly organized a workshop on “Drinking water supply in peri-urban areas using simulation method” in CSS AVA center Khulna under the Shifting Grounds project. The focus of this workshop wasfinding the institutional context on drinking water supply and management. Three issues were highlighted in this workshop: peri-urban drinking water supply, urban drinking water supply (future scenario) and groundwater monitoring. The main purpose of this workshop was knowledge sharing, problem understanding (groundwater issues in peri-urban areas) from institutional perspective and introduce role play method to examine current institutional situations and problems in ground water monitoring and management. The workshop helped the participants to understand the future groundwater problems in existing areas and also helped them to find out a probable solutions for mitigating this problem. For this, an interactive session wasconducted involving game-based simulations to help participants explore the drinking water supply challenges in peri-urban Khulna.