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    Training on Early Identification of Disability

    JJS is a National level non-profit organization which runs various project for socio-environmental development. Among other projects PMRC (Creating Conducive Environment for Protection of Most at Risk Children) project is one of the projects which works for protection of children. This project is funded by UNICEF. Here the project staffs are working for the betterment of all kind of development of the children of vulnerable group.  Under this project Disability is also an important focus area. To work with disable children and to reduce the rate of disability or the percentage of disability activity JJS arranged a training on early identification of disability for the social workers of JJS and the DSS with the support of UNICEF. To conduct the training there were 3 resource persons. The training was arranged at CSS Ava center at 27 September 2018 at 10:00 am.

    The program was started by MM Chisty.


    SlTopicTimeResponsible person
    01Introduction and staring the program10:00-10:10MM Chisty, Project Coordinator
    02Speech of Special Guest: Importance of disability identification of children at early age10:10-10:20Jamil Hasan, CPO, UNICEF field Office, Khulna
    03Speech of Special Guest: The role of social workers in case of identify the disability of children10:20-10:30Md. Mahenul Haque, DD, DSS, Khulna district
    04Chief Guest Speech, Identification of disability of children and responsibilities of DSS. 10:30-10:40AKM Shamimul Haque, Director, DSS khulna
    05Speech of Chairperson of the program 10:40-10:50ATM Zakir Hossain, Executive Director, JJS Khulna
    Tea Break
    06Autism and autism Disorder11:05-12:00MousumiDebnath,
    Disability officer, DSS, Khulna
    07Way to the Relief from autism 12:00-12:40Dr. ProkashDebnath
    08Treatment of Autism 12:40-13:30Dr. ProkashDebnath
    Lunch Break and Prayer time
    09Information based on Autism 14:30-15:30Dr. Shapan Kumar Halder
    10The steps and activities of Government15:30-16:30Dr. Shapan Kumar Halder
    11Ending Speech16:30-16:45MM Chisty, Project Coordinator

    Total Participant:


    Program Description:

    At 10:00 am MM Chisty started the program by thanking all for coming at the program. Then he asked the special guest Jamil Hasan for his valuable speech. He discussed about the importance of early disability identification and he described those with some examples.

    Then the Chief Guest AKM Shamimul Haque, Director, DSS Khulna described Identification of disability of children and responsibilities of DSS.He also informed that 2 “ShishuParibar” for disable will start from next month.  Currently there are some school and social workers who are working for Disable children.

    Then Mr. ATM Zakir Hossain described about the role of JJS regarding disability and history of JJS on Child issues also on disability issue. He also said that parents are the main person who will able to identify the disability at first. But they will not able to find the exact problem or type of disability.

    The Training Session:

    Resource person, Mousumi Deb, started her session at 11.10 am. She at first described about autism shortly and the asked the participants to ask about their queries.

    She responded all the answers and She said, “Autism is a nuro-developmental Disorder”.

    She also said that Autism can be identified with in 3 years of birth. The symptoms of Autism are-

    Mousumi deb also said if it is identified with in 3 years it can be lessen up to 10% and can solve the disability at 90% level.

    These type of child have their own attraction and that’s the passion of them.

    Mainly tension during pregnancy, attack of Rubela Virus during pregnancy.

    She informed that there are 2 centers at Khulna; Sonadanga and Kachdia for autistic children. Some children might become disable due to the delivery pressure.

    After that at 12:15 pm Dr. Prokashdebnathstarted his session.

    He mainly described about the Way to the Relief from autism in pro-active issues and the points of treatment of autism in a post measures. He described about the medicines and other counselling and behavioral steps for the disable child as well as pregnancy issues and before pregnancy issue. He also mentioned that environment and Genetic change are the cause of parents.

    Diabetes of mother also a major problematic issue for disability. This may cause de-sugar issue and disability formed inside the child cells.

    After the lunch Dr. Sapan run his session about disability basically Information based on Autism. He also informed that government has freed all the sector of health facilities for disable children. Nutrition is very important issue. Government also psychotherapy for physically disable child and counselling and behavioral therapy for autistic children.

    Then a small review part of feedback session of the training was conducted.

    After that at 4:30 pm Project Coordinator, MM Chisty thanked all for their participation.