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    Participatory Problem Analysis and Developing Action Points

    Upakul Circle Action Committees have selected some local problems of the community at participatory way under SMILING project funded by European Union. Then the identified problems are listed and two major problems as action points at each Upazilla on priority basis for action point implementation. After that, the other two major problems have taken as action points at second year of the project.  Action Committees has taken initiatives for action point implementation through their own contribution and advocacy strategies. As the project is implementing at the coastal belt of the south-west part of Bangladesh, the local problems are almost same. The major problems of the coastal region are PSF and pond re-excavation, ring embankment repairing, road repairing etc.  From a huge local problem, the action committee has only selected two major problems at each upazilla which are very much related with DRR and women empowerment. Spouse Forum also helped for action point implementation.