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    Z_Prevention of Acid violence through Awareness Building

    Prevention of Acid violence through Awareness Building


    The non-accidental acid burn injury is a horrific form of violence, with the victim often incurring permanent facial scarring and even blindness. Bangladesh has the highest reported world-wide incidence of this crime and various difficulties have been faced by this developing nation in trying to deal with the problem. Measures taken have included foreign-sponsored NGO creation and collaboration with government, investment in burns care facilities and the involvement of outside surgical expertise. This has led to improvements in the reporting of this crime, increased awareness and long term treatment and rehabilitation. However, the reported number of attacks has decreased since 1999 and further measures have been taken in order to prevent and manage such violence.

    Major activities

    Goal of the Project

    Help acid survivors rebuild their lives and end acid violence within 2015


    To mainstream acid survivors within the society (having access to health, education, economic and social reintegration focusing on working district).
    To develop an effective mechanism to prevent the cause and effect of acid violence.

    Geographical Coverage

    District Upazila
    Khulna Terokhada Upazila, Batiaghata Upazila, Dacope Upazila, Dumuria Upazila, Dighalia Upazila, Koyra Upazila, Paikgachha Upazila, Phultala Upazila, Rupsa Upazila, Daulatpur, Khan Jahan Ali Upazila, Khalishpur Upazila, Sonadanga Upazila, Khulna Sadar Upazila.

    Major activities