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    Z_Our Donor/Partner

    Our Donor/Partner

    We have a work experience of working with several international and national donors and partners like

    Some of our completed and on-going projects are given below along with the Partners we worked/working with.

    Name of Donors/Partner

    Name of the programs/ projects

    Acid Survivors Foundation

    Early Recovery Support to Cyclone AILA Affected People in Bangladesh (LERSP)

    ActionAid Bangladesh/UNICEF
    Protect Children from Hunger and Disaster caused by AILA

    ActionAid Bangladesh

    Long Term Development Project (LTDP)
    Reflect ICT
    Prevention of Acid Violence Through Awareness Building and Control over Acid Selling (PAVTAB)
    Food Security for Sustainable Household Livelihood (FoSHoL)
    Recovery & Rehabilitation project of Aila Affected People in Bangladesh
    Bangladesh Bank
    JJS Grihayan Tahabil
    CONCERN Worldwide

    Early Recovery & Rehabilitation Support to Vulnerable Families Affected by Cyclone Aila in Khulna District

    Emergency Intervention to Cyclone AILA, Phase-IV
    Socially Disadvantage People Project  -SDPP Out Reach
    Governance Coalition
    Strengthening Local Governance through Participatory and responsive Public services Phase-II
    Helen Keller International (HKI)
    Consultancy for HKI REAL Project
    Karuna Foundation
    Shishu Kendra
    Support to disable children by "Children Centre" based approach
    Manusher Jonno Foundation
    Governance Performance Monitoring Project (GPMP)
    Ministry of Women & Family welfare and UNICEF
    HIV/AIDS Prevention Project (HAPP)
    Motherypur Legal Aid
    Access to Justice and Good Governance Project (AJGGP)
    Human Rights Education Project (HREP)
    Nari Maitree/European Commission
    Adolescent as Agents of Change: Transforming Gender Relations Through Adolescent Development Project
    Save the Children-UK
    Promoting Child Protection through Decentralized and integrated Division Models (DIDM in Bangladesh)
    Education Support to Aila Affected Children
    Child Protection: Community Mechanism & National Policy
    Shapla Neer-Japan
    Cyclone Disaster Resilient Community Development
    Rehabilitation of Sidr Affected People by Restoring Livelihood Keeping  adolescent as change Maker
    Emergency Relief Operation 2009 for the Cyclone AILA Victims, Phase-II
    Emergency Relief Work for Cyclone AILA , Phase-I
    Stichting School van Z.M. Koningin Willem III en H.M.  Koningin Emma der Nederlanden
    Environmental Education for Mangrove Forest Conservation
    HIV/AIDS Targeted Intervention Prevention Project (HATI)
    WAVE Foundation
    Local Governance
    WAVE Foundation & AAB
    Stop acid violence