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    Completed Project

    Name of the programs/ projects Name of Donors Duration Nature of work Working Area
    Governance Performance Monitoring Project (GPMP)  Manusher Jonno Foundation April, 2007 to March, 2010 –          Social Initiatives .Fakirhat upazila,Bagerhat District
    Sustainable effort to ensure access to safe drinking water and sanitation in southwest Bangladesh SIMAVI January,2011 to


    –           2013

    WASH Activities    Bishnupur, Bemorta and Dema union and Bagerhat sadar upazila in Bagerhat District
    Responsiveness of Union Parishad through Social Accountability Manusher Jonno Foundation June, 2010 to June 2013

    Social initiatives for governance performance monitoring

    Fakirhat, in Bagerhat district Batiaghata and Rupsa Upazila,District-Khulna
    A Disaster Resilient Future: Mobilising communities and institutions for effective risk reduction (DIPECHO-VI) ActionAid Bangladesh/ECHO March 2011 to August 2012 –          Disaster preparedness and mitigation-          Capacity building

    –          Community Preparedness

    –          Small Scale Mitigation

    –          Increase responsiveness of Institutions

    Burigalini and padmapun-kur union , Shamnagar upazila, Satkhira District
    Cyclone Disaster Resilient Community Development Shapla Neer-Japan February, 2010 to March 2012. –          Community based Disaster Preparedness mechanism development Southkhali Union, Sharankhola Upazilla, Bagerhat district
    Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in South Asia Region (ANSA-SAR) Manusher Jonno Foundation April, 2010 to March 2012.
    • Formation of community monitoring group
    • Facilitate fact finding process (input tracking)
    • Orientation of UP LEBs on community score social accountability

    –          Dialogue/meeting between community and service providers

    Fakirhat upazila,Bagerhat District
    Adolescent as Agents of Change: Transforming Gender Relations Through Adolescent Development Project Nari Maitree/ European Commission April 2008 to December, 2011 –          Development of Adolescents Group-          Reflect Circle Formation

    –          – Awareness raising

    Rupsa upazila, Khulna District
    Addressing the Causes and effects of acid Attack Acid Survivors Foundation March 2008-June, 2011 –          Community Awareness Raising-          Pressure  Group Formation

    –          Media Advocacy

    –          Care and Support to Acid Victims

    Khulna district
    Aila Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Project-2011 ActionAid Bangladesh/ECHO May 2011 to November 2011 –          Cash for Work-          Cash for Training

    –          Cash for Agriculture

    Dacope upazila, Khulna District
    Aila Emergency Food Security and Livelihood Project-201 Concern WorldWide/ECHO May 2011 to November 2011 –          Cash for Work-          Cash for Training

    –          Cash for Agricultur

    Shamnagar upazila , Satkhira District
    Protecting children from formal justice system through diversion by community settlement UNICEF   April, 2011 to December 2011 –          Legal support to Adolescent group-          Awareness raising Jessore
    Early Recovery & Rehabilitation Support to Vulnerable Families Affected by Cyclone Aila in Khulna District Concern World Wide/ECHO 15 January, 2010 to 14 April, 2011 –          Rehabilitation Support-          Partial House Repair

    –          Complete Shelter

    –          DTW

    –          Emergency Latrine

    –          Pond Cleaning

    –          Hygiene Kite & Promotion

    –          Latrine Construction

    –          PSF Construction

    –          Fishing Boat & Net

    –          Cash for Work

    –          Mass awareness Raising

    –          DRR Training


    Koyra upazila,Khulna District
    Recovery & Rehabilitation project of Aila Affected People in Bangladesh ActionAid Bangladesh/ECHO 15 January, 2010 to 14 April, 2011 –          Cash for Work-          Lively Hood Support

    –          Water and Sanitation

    –          Food Support

    –          Shelter Construction

    –          Hygienic latrine distribution

    Shamnagar upazila,Satkhira District
    Rehabilitation of Sidr Affected People by Restoring Livelihood Keeping  adolescent as change Maker Shapla Neer-Japan May, 2009  to  March, 2010 –          Adolescent Development-        Skill development of adolescent group

    –          Pond re-excavation

    Southkhali union, Sharonkhola upazila,Satkhira District
    Early Recovery Support to Cyclone AILA Affected People in Bangladesh (LERSP) Action Aid Bangladesh/ ECHO July, 2009 to December, 2009 –          Cash for work-          livelihood support

    –          WATSAN support

    Shamnagar upazila,Satkhira District
    Education Support to Aila Affected Children Save the Children-UK July, 2009 to December, 2009 –          Education Support-          Food Support

    –          – Entertainment of the children

    Koyra upazila,Khulna District
    HIV/AIDS Targeted Intervention Prevention Project (HATI) UNICEF January, 2008 to December, 2008 –          Awareness raising among HIV high risk persons Khulna and Jessore Dostrict
    Shishu Kendra Karuna Foundation 1991                    ongoing –          School for mentally and physically disable children Rupsa upazila,Khulna District
    Emergency Relief Operation 2009 for the Cyclone AILA Victims, Phase-II Shapla Neer-Japan 6 June to 20 July, 2009 – Relief Distribution- Pond Dewatering


    Sharonkhola upazila, Bagerhat District
    Emergency Intervention to Cyclone AILA, Phase-IV CONCERN Worldwide 12 August to 25 August, 2009 –    Relief Distribution Koyra upazila,Khulna District
    Support to disable children by “Children Centre” based approach Karuna Foundation January to December, 2009 – Educating mentally retarded and physically disable children Rupsa upazila,Khulna District
    Emergency Relief Work for Cyclone AILA , Phase-I Shapla Neer-Japan 28 May  to 05 June, 2009 –    Cooked Food Distribution Sharonkhola upzila,Bagerhat  District
    Long Term Development Project (LTDP) ActionAid Bangladesh  June, 1996 to December,  2007 –    Social Initiatives Khuulna and Bagerhat District
    Human Rights Education Project (HREP) MSS November, 2003 to December, 2006 – Formation of Human rights group and empowering them in Bagerhat Bagerhat District
    HIV/AIDS Prevention Project (HAPP) Ministry of Women & Family welfare and UNICEF August, 2004 to June, 2006 –    Awareness raising among HIV high risk persons Rupsa upazila in Khulna District and Rangpur sadar, Dinajpur sadar, Jessore sadar
    Local Governance WAVE Foundation December, 2004 to November, 2007 –          Capacity Building of LEBs-          Strengthening Village Court

    –          – Formation of Peoples Platform like Lokomorcha

        Rupsa and Terokhada upazila, Khulna District
    Child Protection: Community Mechanism & National Policy Save the Children-UK November, 2003 to August, 2008 –    Advocacy with government to mainstreaming juvenile criminals         Jessore
    Access to Justice and Good Governance Project (AJGGP) Madaripur  Legal Aid January, 2006 to November,2006 – Capacity Building of LEBs- Formation of Peoples Platform      Rupsa and Terokhada upazila, Khulna District
    Reflect ICT ActionAid Bangladesh July, 2005 to December, 2007 –    Form women group to empower them Koyra and Rupsa upazila, Khulna District
    CDMP, Training and Briefings programs for Disaster Management Committees UNDP October, 2006 to March, 2007 –    Training to disaster management committee in order to strengthen their capacity Mongla, Morelganj, Sharonkhola, Rampal and Kochua upazila, in Bagerhat District and Bakerganj, Ujirpur and Agoiljhara in Barishal District 
    Environmental Education for Mangrove Forest Conservation Stitching School van Z.M. Koningin Willem III en H.M.                Koningin Emma der Nederland September, 2006 to August, 2007 –    Awareness raising on forest conservation among people living in Sundarban Koyra upazil , Khulna District
    Socially Disadvantage People Project  -SDPP Out Reach Concern-Bangladesh October, 2004 to March, 2009 –    Ensure rights to sex workers Banishanta union, Dacope upazila in Khulna District and Bagerhat Sadar in Bagerhat District.
    Prevention of Acid Violence Through Awareness Building and Control over Acid Selling (PAVTAB) ActionAid Bangladesh July, 2006 to December, 2008 -Awareness raising and helping acid victims Koyra upazila, Khulna District. 


    Food Security for Sustainable Household Livelihood (FoSHoL) ActionAid Bangladesh August, 2005 to April, 2009 –    Ensure Nutrition as seed distribution to farmers Rupsa and Koyra upazila, Khulna District
    Protect Children from Hunger and Disaster caused by AILA Action Aid Bangladesh/ UNICEF August 15, 2009 to October 15, 2009 – Child Friendly Space establishment Koyra and Dacope upazila, Khulna District
    Strengthening Local Governance through Participatory and responsive Public services Governance Coalition January, 2005 to December 2010. – Capacity Building of LEBs- Strengthening Village Court

    – Formation of Peoples Platform like Lokomorcha

    Rupsa upazila, Khulna District
    JJS Grihayan Tahabil Bangladesh Bank July, 2006 to July 2011 –          Loan disbursement for housing to poor people Noihati, SrifoltolaT.s Bahirdia union in Rupsa upazila under Khulna District
    Reconstruction Economic Development and Livelihoods (REAL) Project Hellen Keller International/USAID 2009 to 2010 –          Establish seed banks in target community 6 upazilla in Patuakhali and Borguna District