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    Members of Ward 6′ Phulkuri Adolescent Club, Doulatpur, Khulnaparticipating in the “Global Climate Strike”

    On September 22, 2019, at 4 pm, a campaign on “Global Climate Strike” was organized at the Phulkuri adolescents Club at ward councilor office premises, Doulatpur, ward no.6 in Khulna city under the initiative of the Non-Governmental Organization, Jagrata Juba Shangha (JJS).Half a hundred members of the Local Friendship adolescents club participatedin the campaign. Director of Programs, JJS, M. M. Chishtyhas begun the campaign urging adolescents on the Global Climate Strike issue to identify and implement the field of youth society on the issue of global warming and its impact on the current world.Then NaboSaha, Manager, JJS, Assistant to the workshop, gave a detailed idea to the teenagers on the “Global Climate Strike”.Regarding global warming and its effects, he said, the world climate is changing dramatically from day to day.Temperatures are constantly increasing.Thus, if the temperature continues to rise gradually, ice melting in the Himalayas in the polar region within a few years can become a terrible situation.The resultant sea water level can rise 30-40 cm.As a result, a large part of coastal areas including West Bengal and Bangladesh in the Indian subcontinent can be submerged.Even the coastal areas of the Bay of Bengal can be permanently submerged in water.This will result in the loss of many people’s settlements, loss of cropland, destruction of forests, increasing levels of various water-borne diseases and various complications, including food shortages.To get rid of this awfulness, young people now need to play an active role in stopping the spread of highly technology and factory chemical wastes in developed countries of the world and keeping the climate in a stable state.Following the discussion of the subsidiary, adolescents who participated in the campaign realized the importance of the “Global Climate Strike” and immediately introduced placards with various slogans, “Save Our Planet, Save Our Future, Save Our Environment” on global warming and its impact and finally they made a loud sound raising their voice together to let everyone know that they want to save their mother earth.

    It is to be noted that the development agency JJS has taken a weeklong program on adolescents on “Global Climate Strike” from September 20 to 27and this campaign is a part of this program.