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    Mango Tree Meeting on drinking water supply in Peri-urban areas using Game Theory Model

    On 18th July 2018, JJS organized Mango Tree Meeting or Village Level Negotiated Approach on “Drinking water supply in peri-urban areas using Game Theory Model” at JJS Head Office Khulna under the Shifting Grounds project.Total 08 participants from Hogladanga Village are participated in this workshop. Participants consisted of those from within and outside the village’s negotiation group, longer residents and both male and female residents.  The focus of this workshop was to improve the players’ insight on how to manage a common resource such as groundwater and to find out the challenges of effective groundwater resource management.This workshop is divided into 3 sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of the drinking water problem. They are as follows:Peri-urban drinking water supply (existing situation); Urban drinking water supply (future situation); Groundwater monitoring (water quality situation). ATM Zakir Hossain, Executive Director of JJS inaugurate the session and describe the objectives of this workshop, its structure and format. Kazi Faisal Islam, Research Officer of JJS facilitate the Game theory workshop. The game helped the stakeholders to better understand the groundwater dynamics and the challenges to be faced in the coming years. After the session the stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss the experience during the game session and to highlight the importance of opening up the discussion of sustainable and joint management of the groundwater resources as a shared resource.