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    JJS organize screenings at Fingri Union Parishad, Satkhira

    Video Screenings

    Venue:Fingri Union Parishad; Polder No. 02; Satkhira

    Date:27thDecember 2018

    On 27thDecember 2018, JJS organize screenings at Fingri Union Parishad, Satkhira under “Accelerating Horizontal Learning in Bangladesh Polders: ICT as a Force Multiplier project” supported by Blue Gold, Meta Meta Communications, The Netherlands and Access Agriculture.  28 WMG members (Morichap, Ghoshkhali, Koikhali and BeulaNayeber Khal Water Management Group) from Blue Gold Polder 02 participate in this Video Screening session. M. M. Chishty, Director Program of JJS inaugurate the session. The main purpose of this Video Screening is to share good agricultural practices with WMG members and receive feedback from them about those good agricultural practices. Total two videos are screened within this session. The Topics are: Floating Vegetable Gardens and Making Banana Flour. After observing those videos, WMG members provide their feedback on those videos.

    They said that floating vegetable garden cultivation is not practiced in their villages and they are not witnessed this cultivation in their polder. Making Banana Flour is a new experience for all the participants. RajeshoriSorkar from Ghoshkhali WMG said that Making Banana Flour is a new idea for them and they can produce flours from Banana using local technology (Dheki). Md. Joynal Abedin, Zonal Coordinator of Blue Gold Bangladesh requested WMG members to engage in floating vegetable garden cultivation. He also requested everyone to capture good agricultural practices and shared with others through facebook page (Polder WMG Sharing Platform). SK Mohibullah from Blue Gold Bangladesh, Kazi Faisal Islam and Masud Khan from JJS also participate in this training session.