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    Discussion session on the international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution to raise demand for 1st Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) Meeting

    Being a member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), JJS organized a parallel session in Khulna on November 29, 2022, during the 1st Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee discussion to raise awareness and skills among the government, institutional, and civil society stakeholders. The session was facilitated by ATM Zakir Hossain, Executive Director, JJS, and co-facilitated by Rabeya Sultana, Assistant Professor, Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University. The Director of the Department of Environment in Khulna Region, conservancy officer, Khulna City Corporation, environmental journalists and associations, children’s leaders and academicians from the universities in Khulna, and UNICEF participated in the event. Along with JJS, IPEN’s position and demands about plastic pollution have also been discussed in the program. It built a network, engaging the Department of Environment, city corporations, environmental journalists, academicians, NGOs, and children’s leaders to raise local demand at an international forum like INC. It is anticipated that the network will work in collaboration in the future to increase local demand for policy incorporation in plastic pollution management.

    Towards plastic free SDG solution: During the time of INC-1, the local network has been formed to raise awareness among the government, institutional and civil society stakeholders regarding the use of plastic and hazardous chemical and to raise local demand and mobilize relevant institutions/departments on effective plastic management.

    Structural Orientation of INC: Oriented about the structure of INC for developing an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution

    Sensitization: Sensitized the status of plastic pollution globally, from the perspective of Bangladesh and the consequences

    Commitment for Collective Action: All participating stakeholders committed to working collectively on plastic pollution management.

    Local Network Formation: Build a local level network to raise local demand at an international forum like INC