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    Z_Cyclone Disaster Resilient Community

    Cyclone Disaster Resilient Community Development Project

    Overall Goal

    Disaster resilient community against cyclone is established in the target area


    The purpose of this project is to establish a model approach of community based cyclone disaster risk reduction initiated by adolescents.


    1. Adolescents in the project area will get knowledge and skills about disaster risk reduction.
    2. Information network for a time of disasters will be built up through adolescent volunteers’ initiatives and community-based disaster preparedness will be improved at normal times.
    3. Vulnerability of people in the target area will be reduced by improving their living conditions.
    4. Community people’s needs and demands will be recognized and understood by the stakeholders of this project through effective cooperation with the local government.

    Target Area

    District Upazila Union Village
    Bagerhat Sarankola Southkali Bakultara village & Rayenda village

    Beneficiaries (Target Group)

    Adolescent boys and girls (total 250), Poor Farmers (80), vulnerable people (including poorest of the poor, old-aged people, handicapped people, members of households headed by women, total: 500 persons), other people in the villages (4,570). Total: 5,400 individuals.


    1. Provide adolescent volunteers with knowledge and skills on disaster risk reduction.
    2. Awareness rising on adolescent issues through cultural programs
    3. Annual Competition for adolescents and school students (Art, debate and essay competition)
    4. Training for adolescent on basic and life skill
    5. Cultural training for adolescents
    6. Reproductive health training for adolescent girls
    7. Establish Information Network for time of Disasters through Adolescent Volunteers’ Initiatives and improve community-based Disaster Preparedness.
    8. Improving living conditions of the people in the target areas.
    9. Linkage, Networking and Advocacy