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    Community level training involving state department for women on flood management in Bangladesh

    On 11th September 2017, JJS organized a “Community level training involving state department for women on flood management in Bangladesh” in Islampur Upazila Parishad Auditorium, Jamalpur under “Building capacity of civil society organizations & communities for effective engagement in trans-boundary decision-making process of Brahmaputra River” project. Resource Person Zia Ahmed, Disaster Management Expert facilitated the training session. EhsanulMamun, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Islampur Upazila; Mehedi Hasan Titu, Project Implementation Officer (PIO); MdMatiar, Upazila Agriculture Officer (UAO) and AbdurRouf, Upazila Livestock Officer (ULO) also facilitated the training. In the opening session Sheikh Nazmul Huda, Project Coordinator, Research provided a brief presentation on project goal, objectives and activities. MdMatiar, UAO of Islampur Upazila suggested for preparing temporary seed bed at higher places during Flood period. AbdurRouf, ULO of Islampur upazila suggested for giving vaccine of every cattle’s after disaster to save cattle’sfrom harmful diseases. JoynalAbedin, Union Chairman urging immediate support for agricultural development in Shapdhori Union. He requested to UAO for organizing at least one monthly meeting in Shapdhori Union Parishad.EhsanulMamun, UNO of Islampur Upazila suggested for tree plantation especially coconut and palm tree for preventing river erosion and also suggested for concentrating on alternative income generating activities like livestock farming. Resource person Zia Ahmed conducted sessions on several issues like climate change and its reason impact of climate change, adaptability procedures and Disaster Management Act of Bangladesh. Women, Community Representatives and member of Disaster Management Committees were the trainees of the training session.  JoynalAbedin, Union Chairman of Shapdhori Union Parishad and Community representatives from Islampur Upazila; M. M. Chishty and Kazi Faisal Islam from JJS also presented in the meeting.