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    Z_Campaign on Sex Workers’ Human Rights

    Campaign on Sex Workers’ Human Rights

    JJS aims to establish an exploitation free environment for commercial sex workers and raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, women and child trafficking among the vulnerable people. Khulna region falls within the major route of trafficking due to its geographic location. Trafficking of women and children is a major threat for the poor and marginal people, who get trapped very easily by the exploitation and temptation of the traffickers. The main aim of this campaign is to free sex workers from bonded status and create breathing space for the workers and their children to enjoy their human rights. JJS is also aiming to continue its awareness-raising activities on STD, HIV/AIDS in the local area as well as in the two brothels- Bagerhat and Baniashanta.

    Broad Objective

    To raise awareness for prevention and reduction of STD and HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable people and to reduce woman and child trafficking & Violence

    Focus Population

    Sex workers, Clients, Children, Brokers, Dada, Babu, Mashi, Gharali, Police, Government officials, local elite people, religious leaders, local elected people, journalists


    Khulna District Dacope Upazila
    Bagerhat District Bagerhat Sadar


    Narikendra (Women Centre) was established by JJS in 2002 at Baniashanta brothel, Bagerhat which is still a nucleus of sex worker’s development activities. They have got a meeting room here to discuss about their problems, development issues, rights etc. It is also a place for education, and recreation. Here they exercise literacy and knowledge gathering through books, cultural instruments etc.

    Jagoron Shishu Biddalay (School for Sex Worker’s Children)

    Along with Narikendra (Women Centre) JJS established a School named Jagoron Shishu Biddalay for the children of sex workers so that they can have some primary education and basic knowledge. It is also a step toward their freedom outside sex work. The numbers of students enrolled in the school are 15 boys and 10 girls of the sex workers.